Our Mission and Values

Housing is the foundation that creates opportunities for success.

CPAH’s mission: To develop affordable housing and provide services that empower individuals and families to secure and retain quality housing.

Core Values:


Our desire to act in the best interests of our residents and the communities we serve underlies all we do. We maintain the highest level of integrity in all our work, carefully consider the best interests of our clients, evaluate the community and social impacts of our actions, ensure responsible risk-taking, and balance fiscal and social responsibility.


We welcome and promote diversity on the Board of Directors, staff and the clients we serve. We involve diverse stakeholders in the decision making of the organization, including representation from the clients we serve. We offer a range of housing types, locations, and prices and we develop in high opportunity areas to meet the needs of a wide range of families and individuals.


We believe our consumers deserve high-quality housing and responsive services. We approach our work with energy and compassion and are always dedicated to going the extra mile for our clients.


We believe in the responsible and long-term management of the resources entrusted to our care. We strive to continuously improve to maximize impact and quality. We assist, support, and advocate on behalf of our residents and all those who utilize our services; we advocate on behalf of homeowners and renters to ensure their success; and we help clients realize the full benefit of our programs.


We are innovative, creative, flexible, and entrepreneurial in our actions, to most effectively fulfill our mission in a constantly-changing environment.